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About ORA Oval Racers Alliance Snowmobile Racing Minnesota
  About SnowmobileRacing.MN    
SnowmobileRacing.MN was created as a place to promote Snowmobile Racing in all it's forms from the asphalt of Brainerd International Raceway to the Water of the International Water Cross Association to the Ice Ovals of the ORA. Most importantly SnowmobileRacing.MN brings all Snowmobile Racers, Fan, their families, and our entire community together. A place to share photos, videos, memories, and most importantly racing knowledge and information.  

We are dedicated to presenting you with the most exciting and current information when it comes to the sport of Snowmobile Racing worldwide. As you browse the site you'll see that it has been designed to help you stay connected to and support Snowmobile Racing, find dates, lodging information, and driving directions for upcoming events, and of course, follow your favorite drivers and teams. You can also follow our Facebook Page at www.Facebook.com/Snowmobileracing
About the ORA
The Oval Racers Alliance (ORA) is a non profit organization established to support the sport of ice oval racing.  ORA founders and staff are made up of racers, crew members, race promoters and directors, team owners and true oval racing enthusiasts. ORA members are dedicated and passionate about ice oval racing.

We deeply appreciate your interest in the ORA and look forward to your support.

Bryan Timmer
Our Mission Statement
The Oval Racers Alliance will represent the ice oval snowmobile racers, fans, promoters, and sponsors  in a professional manner.  The goal of the ORA is to promote growth and awareness of ice oval racing.  The ORA will remain true to our cause and work diligently to promote ice oval racing to it’s maximum potential.
Our History
Several years ago, Doug Fontaine and Bryan Timmer recognized the need to promote ice oval racing at a grass roots level.  Their goal was to introduce potential new driver to ice racing, which would be affordable and safe.  Fontaine and Timmer informally named the organization the ORA or Oval Racers Alliance.  They have logged many hours and miles to promote ice oval racing at events such as HayDays, the Princeton Grass Drags and the Grantsburg World Championship watercross race.  In the summer of 2009, Fontaine and Timmer recognized an ever greater need for Ice Oval Racing, which is to have affordable racing for promoters, sponsors, and race teams. Fontaine and Timmer put together a seasoned team of snowmobile racing organizers.  Their team of officers and directors are formally designated as a nonprofit organization known now as Oval Racers Alliance, Inc.  Such noted members of the ORA's first board of directors included Mike Benoy, Vice President, who has been the elected President of the International Watercross Association since 2006.  Benoy’s knowledge and experience working with race event promoters and sponsors will be a valuable asset to the ORA.  Also, noted is Mike Meagher, Director ORA, who has been instrumental in vintage racing as a promoter, sponsor and event organizer. The ORA started with three race sites that did not conflict with the USSA schedule or the Eagle River World Championship Derby.  In addition, all of those first races were held in conjunction with the vintage race organization  S.L.E.D.S and were their points races. 
Staff of ORA Oval Racers Alliance Snowmobile Racing Minnesota 
President:   Tom Larson
Vice Pres:   Bryan Timmer
Treasurer:   Dan Iskierka
Secretary:   Kristine Iskierka
Board Members:
  Chris Broerman
Sam Brown
Doug Fontaine
Vintage Racing ORA Oval Racers Alliance Snowmobile Racing Minnesota
    Brief History of Vintage Racing
The sport of vintage snowmobiling began in the late 1980’s as collectors started restoring these old sleds, it was to be expected that someone would start racing them. Vintage snowmobile racing has grown from just a few riders competing for “bragging rights” to several race circuits competing across the northern Snow Belt. Vintage snowmobiling and vintage racing have grown so much over the last five years that they are now one of the largest segments of snowmobiling. All brands of sleds from the 1970’s and 1980’s are represented. Vintage Snowmobile racing has become a popular family activity for many reasons. Racers are separated into classes based on their experience level and the type of snowmobile used. There are classes for inexperienced racers, and challenging classes for those drivers with a slightly larger budget. We offer several 1985 and older Super Stock, 1985  and older Super Mod Leaf Spring, and 1983 and older IFS Snow Pro classes. The Junior and Powder Puff classes, where drivers don’t have to pay a fee to race, allows the whole family to take part in the weekend of fun  
Sponsors ORA Oval Racers Alliance Snowmobile Racing Minnesota
ORA appreciates all of our sponsors and invite companies to join the community.
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    Oval Racers Alliance (ORA)
Email: ovalracersalliance@outlook.com
Mailing Address: 
   P.O. Box 822
   Anoka, MN 55303
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